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The purpose of this work is to re-establish alignment with our Divine selves, creating new pathways and finding clearer vision for our lives here on Earth. This process looks and feels different for each person, each session being unique to your Path. We will clear any noise you may be carrying which does not belong to you; learned behaviours, thought patterns, belief systems, entities etc. We replace energies that do not serve you with programs in alignment with your highest good. Any energetic cords that keep you stuck, in doubt, in fear, or inhibit you from reaching your goals, can and will be severed through this practice. 


This Healing Protocol has been handed down for over 3500 years. These practices were collected from shamans, healers, mystics, high priests, and high priestesses from all over the world in order to form a universal comprehensive healing modality for all. The work includes but is not limited to:

  • Aura healing

  • Chakra clearing and balancing

  • Elemental balancing within energy body

  • Akashic healing: clearing karmic contracts, ancestral/generational traumas etc

  • Inner child work

  • Shadow healing

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my story

For years I was accessing information I couldn't explain: visuals, audio, "knowings", information that didn't always make sense to me, but was delivered as Truth. This information would overwhelm my nervous system, causing me to develop epilepsy at 14. There were spirits flooding my field, usually entities of low vibration which caused me to develop severe anxiety and insomnia- I was perpetually terrified. It took over 10 years of seizures for me to start connecting the dots, I began to see the pattern: 1. My senses would heighten- I'd get overwhelmed 2. I would start to hear, see, feel things that "weren't there" 3. I would go into fear and panic because of what I saw 4. Seizure. In those years I used breathing techniques, meditation and a (mostly) healthy lifestyle to cope and keep the energies at bay. I wasn't in tune with my higher power yet, still skeptical that one even existed. It wasn't until I met a spiritual healer that I was able to harness my abilities and rid myself of epilepsy. This healer became my mentor and passed on these teachings to me- a set of 11 different modalities handed down for over 3500 years. In confronting the darkest of energies, I learned how to stay rooted in my Divine Self, banishing these energies from my field and handing them to Spirit to be transmuted. Since cleansing my energy body (with the help of other healers), I have endeavored to cleanse that of others whose Paths intersect mine. I have much to learn, this is a life-long process, but I feel blessed and am beyond honored to have the knowledge and will of guiding others on their Path of awakening. 

how i work

I use a variety of techniques during a session, all of which are reliant on me being a clear and open channel. I tap into Source energy to guide the healing and work with my spirit guides to move and transmute energy. The top priority is revealed to me at the beginning of the session and from there we peel back the layers, ultimately restoring your system to the highest frequency available to it at the time. I tone (chants/sound healing) to melt away unwanted energies, then receive information from Spirit on how you can keep your system clear. You will be leaving with a form of "homework" while working with me, techniques to strengthen your ability to keep alignment with your Divine Self. 



maddi hawkes


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